BLOG #3 - SEIKO 5 SNKK Nautilus

BLOG #3 - SEIKO 5 SNKK Nautilus

Hype meets Style

What is so unique about this model?

BLOG #3 - SEIKO 5 SNKK53 Nautilus
BLOG #3 - SEIKO 5 SNKK53 Nautilus

As there are so many SEIKO 5s on this planet, one particular range has gained massive popularity in recent years: the SNKK version a.k.a. Seikonaut or SEIKO Nautilus. Back in the days, it was just a regular timepiece which you could get around 60 USD and were not even as excited as nowadays. So what happened meanwhile? Well, as with many other watchbrands, watch collectors always look for affordable homage versions or at least a nice sibling. On the other hand, the SNKK Nautilus case gained much attraction when it got discontinued around the 2k area. Of course, watches come and go, but this one is very unique. It combines style with minimalism, wears very comfortable on the wrist and the dials are just pure class. You cannot go wrong by owning one, but it will be more and more difficult to get some spare parts such as links or the original case. If you find one in very good condition, a Seikonaut should be considered definitely in your watch collection.

Are they worth to be collected?

BLOG #3 - SEIKO 5 SNKK41 Nautilus
BLOG #3 - SEIKO 5 SNKK41 Nautilus

A hudge YES! All classic versions like the SNKK47 (black dial), SNKK45 (blue dial) and the SNKK41 (silver dial) come on a plain stainless steel bracelet and look just magnificent. Even on a business meeting, you will have a cool timepiece that well appropriate. Of course, it is not a Rolex or a Patek, but you will own a reliable SEIKO 5 without being the next insta flexer. As the models mentioned above are the most wanted ones, the street prices have exploded lately. If we could only turn back the hands of time...

Nevertheless, my personal favorites are the SNKK47 and SNKK41 (black & silver versions). Design-wise, they are just pure class due to the timeless dial colors. But what else have these watches to offer?

Some data & facts

BLOG #3 - SEIKO 5 SNKK41 Nautilus case back
BLOG #3 - SEIKO 5 SNKK41 Nautilus case back

This beater watch features the ever popular 7S26 movement inside. It is easy to service, quite popular and very reliable so you do not need a service anytime soon. Due to the perfect case size of 10,5mm, it sits very well on your wrist and the lug-to-lug size cannot be better (43mm). The SEIKO 5 logo is applied on the top of the dial which refers to the1963's Seiko 5 principles launched by the company such as automatic winding, a day and date display, water resistance, a recessed crown at 4 o’clock, and a durable case.

The only negative part is the bracelet: it is quite light on the one hand, but on the other hand you cannot expect a ultra robust steel beast. Furthermore, the end link is only 10mm wide which will turn your Seikonaut not really into a strap monster (unless you know how to cut leather or rubber straps). The clasps are ok, easy to be opened but still of entry level quality. If you are looking for a bi-color or gold version, keep in mind that you will deal with a pvd coating so polishing might not be the best solution for immediate refurbishment.

As there are plenty (even some unknown) versions, please go and check out a helpful overview of all SEIKO 5 SNKK models listed up on

The future from now..

BLOG #3 - SEIKO 5 SNKK52 Nautilus gold
BLOG #3 - SEIKO 5 SNKK52 Nautilus gold

Certain models become more and more rare. The Seikonaut series touches even two aspects: the rare case body and the original Seiko dial that belong to the SNKK versions. Of course you can swap the dial with another SEIKO 5 version of your choice given the fact that is has also a day-date window on the right end. This fact makes this model a mod monster as so many different dials are available on the market (used or even new ones). Finding the original Seiko Nautilus case might be a little bit tricky, polishing is possible for the silver case versions. So far, I have seen even baby-blue and salmon dial versions (from the notorious SNXA11) which upgraded the look & feel of this watch even more thanks to the current colored dial hype created by Rolex.

Watches are made for fun, watches are timeless (sometimes) - with the Seikonaut you can have both.

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BrandSEIKO Model Reference MovementAutomatic Price200 - 600 $


ColorBicolor, Gold, Silver Dial colorBlack, Blue, Gold, Green, Silver Case materialStainless steel Strap materialStainless steel ClaspFolding clasp


Diameter39 mm Thickness10,5 mm Clasp attachment16 mm Lug attachment10mm

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BLOG #3 - SEIKO 5 SNKK Nautilus

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