BLOG #6 - MONCHARD Subdater

BLOG #6 - MONCHARD Subdater

Summer, sunlight & style

The perfect summer watch?

BLOG #6 - MONCHARD Subdater hands
BLOG #6 - MONCHARD Subdater hands

If you are looking for a watch that you can wear on many occasions without to hesiatet, then you simply cannot avoid the current trend colors "salmon" or "Tiffany". After Rolex had given the starting signal for colorful dials with the Oyster Perpetual series, many other brands followed accordingly. Meanwhile, even Citizen offers yellow, blue, red variants in the NJ-0150 model series and seems to have hit the mark.

After I had discovered more and more salmon dialed wazches on Instagram, I was increasingly fascinated by the elegance and lightness of this color, which evokes a special charm even in vintage models. But in order not to break the budget too much, I was looking for a cheaper alternative and quickly found what I was looking for with the swedish brand MONCAHRD. The watch lovers of Monchard already launched a limited chronograph, which was sold out immediately after a short time. Hoping for a more minimalistic version, I came across the subdater a short time later, also limited and in salmon colors.

No risk, no fun

BLOG #6 - MONCHARD Subdater date
BLOG #6 - MONCHARD Subdater date

So it had to be this watch, a 38mm Mecaquartz version, which appealed directly to me from the overall appearance even though I am not a big fan of numerical digits on the dial - less is often more. Nevertheless, I was able to gain a lot from the design. Even the subdial for the date display was positioned in a way that I had not seen before with another watch (and certainly there are similar models). Sometimes it is the details that motivate a watch collector to buy a certain model - and its proportions. With a height of about 11mm and a 38mm case, I couldn't go wrong.

In addition to its arrangement, the highlight of the Subdater is certainly the "grooved" dial, which makes this watch a total work of art. So why not, according to the manufacturer, only 300 pieces were produced.

The specs & the movement

BLOG #6 - MONCHARD Subdater crown
BLOG #6 - MONCHARD Subdater crown

In addition to 316L stainless steel case and balanced proportions, the movement is often a hudge plus for any purchase decision. But a quartz watch? No problem for me, because there is no second hand and many watch lovers know what I am mean. If you don't like a ticking second hand, you'll get your money's worth here. Rather, it completes the minimalist overall impression and underlines the elegance of this dress watch.

The Seiko VD70 quartz movement was installed here, which runs discreetly. With certain macro shots you can see the shallow ticking of the minute hand over time so you have found a great compromise here to support the look & feel of the Subdater.

The crown can be easily pulled out and turned. On it you will find the Monchard logo.

Say YES to microbrands!

BLOG #6 - MONCHARD Subdater strap
BLOG #6 - MONCHARD Subdater strap

Sometimes you have to dare and try something out, even if you haven't had any contact with a watch brand yet. The Subdater of Monchard was therefore an excellent example that you can get a lot of watch for small money / also an eye-catcher. If you are looking for similar models or want to stay up to date, you are welcome to browse through the Monchard online shop . With increasing awareness, some future models will certainly sell out faster than the previous batches.

Therefore, a clear purchase recommendation from my side (and no, there is no sponsorship here ;))


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BrandMONCHARD ModelSubdater Referenceltd. edition MovementQuartz Price335 $


ColorSilver Dial colorKopper Case materialStainless steel Strap materialCalfskin ClaspPin buckle


Diameter38 mm Thickness11,5 mm Clasp attachment18 mm Lug attachment20 mm

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BLOG #6 - MONCHARD Subdater

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